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Meat is what we do.  Things like straight cuts and Smoked Meats and processed products like our Famous Saxonburg Balogna.  It is all that we produce.  But it is not all that we offer! 

We have partnered with the Troyer Cheese Company to bring you some of the best specialty items that you Troyer Cheesewill findAmish Wedding Foods!  For example - we carry Amish Wedding Foods brand garnishments of all kinds -- including Salsas, Relishes, Garlics, Pickles, Peaches, Beets, Noodles, Dried Fruits and more!

Whatever your needs in cheese, we have the answer!  Sliced or in blocks, for recipes or for serving as is -- stop by our market to complement your meal with something special!

We use only the best spices in our recipes for Smoked Meats and Sausages and Marinated Cuts of Beef, Pork and Chicken.  We have been working for over thirty years with the Con Yeager Spice Company  in Zelienople, PA.  The very same ingredients in our award winning meats are available to you for all of your cooking needs!   Stop by and ask about or browse through our selection of Seasonings and Salts and Rubs and Gravy Mixes and such.  When it comes to flavorings:  We have them and we know how to use them!


Have you heard of our "$100 Boxes"?  You will get more than $100 worth of great variety in beef, pork and chicken ala-carte or ready made. 
    Know of or have a college student?
    Makes a great gift!


Have you seen our Snack Trays?  We make them to order using a combination of our famous Smoked Meats, Sausages and genuine Troyer Cheese products.  We make several sizes.  Makes a great snack for the game or the card party or lots of occasions!


If you have a picnic or most any kind of gathering coming up, consider our "Prepared Entrees" section.  Per person costs are compete with what they would be if you did the work, but you get to concentrate more on enjoying your guests and less on all of the details!

Deer ProcessingDeer meat processing is a specialty here at Thoma's.  We prepare and process deer meat for lots of hunters every season, and we'd like to for you as well.  We do not butcher the deer itself, but if you bring in the boned meat,  we can turn it in to lots of good things for you!  Our information sheet will give you a good idea of all of the things we can do to help you get the most out of your deer! 

Birds, fish and Other Game:  Let us know what you caught, trapped, shot or chased down, and we'll be happy to prepare it for you.  We can Cure it, Smoke it or process it into Snack Sticks or Sausage.  Give us a call.  We have ideas!