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Smoke House
Smoked Meats 1
                                                                               ...where it all started...

Making award winning smoked meats is one of our specialties at Thoma's!  We begin with the freshest hand-cut beef and pork from our own in-house operations.  We do not buy frozen beef or pork or fillers of any kind. Recipes and preparation processes for many of our products have been handed down through the generations.  Spices are critical, which is why we use only the best.  Our exclusive supplier is Con-Yeager spice company in Zelienople, PA. Our Enviro-Pak smokehouses create that perfect appearance and smoked flavor with the right blend of hickory and maple wood chips.  These are a few of the reasons why Thoma's smoked meats are perennial Champions amongst those with discriminating taste (see our Awards Section for details).

Ring Bologna
                                       Ring Bologna

Our small little German town is called Saxonburg.  Therefore, we at Thoma's are known as the Home of the Famous Saxonburg Bologna!  Our old fashioned gourmet ring bolognas are made from choice cuts of beef and pork.  We have been making Regular and Garlic bologna for 65 years, and we have recently added Cheese and Hot to make four flavors total.  One taste of our Bologna and you will know why it has been recognized as Grand Champion at the  Pennsylvania Association of Meat Processors.

Snack Sticks
                                     Snack Sticks

Smoked Meat Snack Sticks have been a favorite of our customers for many years.   We have six flavors -- all made from high quality and lean beef or pork (even works great with the Atkins diet!), and all are fully cooked.  Pepper, Chili Cheese Burger and Teriyaki are three flavors of beef sticks and Hot, Cheese Smokies and Salsa are three flavors using pork.  Always fresh and flavorful, they are sure to please!

Not sure which is for you?  Stop by for a taste!
Easy Carve Ham

Our hams are smoked and fully cooked just for you.  These Hams have been winning awards at the Pennsylvania Association of Meat Processors (PAMP) for years (see our Awards section).  They are as easy to fix as can be, and people will think you've been slaving in the kitchen all day long!     Choose between:
    -- Boneless Hams, which range from seven to twelve pounds.  This has been Grand
      Champion at PAMP four of the last eight years!  It is an amazing ham which is good
      for all occasions.
    -- Semi-Boneless Hams, which range from ten to sixteen pounds.  This ham was Grand
      Champion in 2005.  It will become part of everyone's Easter and Christmas Dinner


Grillers are lean, easy and great tasting products that are fully cooked and skinless.  They stay in the bun when you eat 'em, because there are no more tough casings to bite into!  Moms and Dads will love them because they are such an easy but important part of a meal.  Kids will love them because they taste great!  Grillers now come in 3 flavors:
    -- Kolbassi (our best selling Griller),
    -- Kolbassi with Hot Pepper Cheese (want a little extra zip?), and
    -- Hot Sausage Grillers with dehydrated Onions and Green Peppers. easy on the Grill!  (Maybe that's why they are called "Grillers"!!)

Roast Turkey
                     Smoked Turkey and Turkey Breast

Thoma's Turkey Roasts -- both the whole Turkey and the Turkey Breast alone -- are delicious and juicy and as easy as can be.  We start by soaking them in our flavorful brine solution.  We then smoke and fully cook them in our smoke ovens.  Our Turkeys carry a great taste all on their own!  They will be an important part of that special occasion.  The Turkey Breast is also sliced in our Deli as a Premium Lean Gourmet Lunch Meat.

Champion and Grand Champion at PAMP 3 of the last 6 years!

Hot Dogs
                         Skinless Wieners (Thoma's Hot Dogs)

Thoma's Skinless Wieners -- like other Smoked products -- are made of only the highest quality pork and beef cuts.  The result is a wiener that you can quickly pick out from national brands based on looks, consistency or taste.  Our wieners are fully cooked and very lightly smoked for a flavor that is second to none!  Also, there are no tough casings, so our Wieners stay in the bun when you eat them!  Know anyone who is not a "Hot Dog Fan" ?  Have them try one of our Skinless Wieners and watch what happens!!

Grand Champion at PAMP in 2006!