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Happy Sausage Meal
Hot Italian Sausage and Pasta

                                                                  ...oh so good for so many things...

Making award winning sausages is a specialty at Thoma's!  We make five different flavors of sausage, many of which are offered to you in links, country style casings or in bulk.  Everything that we offer is made from scratch. We begin with the freshest hand-cut pork from our own in-house operations.  We do not buy frozen pork or fillers of any kind. Spices are critical, which is why we use only the best.  Our exclusive supplier is Con-Yeager spice company in Zelienople, PA.  We make all of our Sausage products on site in our own State-of-the-Art stainless steel refrigerated Sausage Kitchen. Our Sausage was "Champion" in the 2007 competition at PAMP, which is the largest Meat and Poultry trade organization in the mid-Atlantic states.

These are a few reasons why our different sausages will be sure to please for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Stop by the Market and taste why our award winning Sausages should become part of your tradition!
        Fresh Pork Breakfast Sausage

Available in Links, Country Style Casing or in Bulk (make your own patties!).  However you want it.  This is a most popular "down home" flavor of salt, pepper and just a hint of sweetness. 
                 Just right for starting your day!
Breakfast Sausages
Breakfast Links

                          Fresh Pork Maple Sausage

This was Grand Champion last year at PAMP, which is a mid-Atlantic trade organization with about 165 member companies.  You have to try this!  Our bulk Maple Sausage gets as sweet as Maple Syrup as it browns in the skillet. 

Pork Maple Sandwich
                          Thoma Special Sage Sausage

Seasoned for just the right country Sage flavor, our Sage Sausage is available in Links or in Bulk for patties or recipes calling for sage flavoring. 

                                      If you try this, you will be back for more!
Sage Links

                 Hot Italian Sausage

Like Sweet Italian, this Sausage is available in quarter pound links and as Bulk Sausage.  The special blend of spices that we use took a long time to perfect, with just the right amount of heat!
Hot Italian Sausage in Spaghetti
Hot Italian Sausage in Rigatoni
                 Sweet Italian Sausage

We make this Sausage in quarter pound links and as Bulk Sausage.  This has just the right amount of Fennel Seed and dextrose sweetness.
Sweet Italian Kabob
Sweet Italian Sausage and Potato Cakes