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                                                    ...Why a Pig Roast...

Why is it that a Pig Roast seems to have a way of starting as a one-time celebration and turning into an annual tradition?  Well, there are lotHecter the Pig of reasons, but they all point to the fact that they make for a wholesome and fun day! 

A Pig Roast is more than a meal.  It is more than a picnic.  It is a special event that sets a stage and brings people together.  The food is delicious and the whole experience is unique in a way that makes for a memorable and fun gathering.

Roasting is a great idea for large family gatherings, company picnics, reunions, graduation parties, andTim, Bill and Company a whole of other occasions.  Some of
 our customers have a Pig Roast every year, for no reason other than to have a great day celebrating friends and family.

In Western Pennsylvania, Roasting happens from the warmer days of March through November.  Call any time.  We would like to help you to plan just what you need in order to make your day special! 
How about a Pig Roast!!!
                                    how do I have a Pig Roast?

Pick a Place, Figure out a date, Find an excuse if you have to, and
call us!  We will explain the process, ask you some questions and answer any that you might have, then get everything packaged and ready for you to pick up a day or so before your Pig Roast.  We reserve equipment for people as far as three or four months in advance, but a couple of weeks' notice will do. 
                                                                                   Yes -- it's that simple!

                                               ...what all do I need to get?

It is most helpful to have an idea how many people will be at your special event, although we process and prepare pigs regularly so you don't have to know exact numbers right away.  We have roasting ovens for your use.  We carry and competitively price all of the things that go into a Pig Roast - including different size pigs (of course!),    charcoal and lighter fluid, several flavors of sauces, pans for serving the meat and even extra food items to round out your meal, if you wish.  If you have some of these things and you don't need the whole package, that is your choice.  We have it all and will provide it for you, or just the things that you need. 
                                                   We will ask the right questions and make sure you are prepared!
                                       ...isn't the cooking part complicated?

...not at all!  From where to place the oven to preparing the charcoal to cooking and cleaning up:  It is pretty straight-forward.  We give you step-by-step instructions on everything.  In fact -- click here and you can see a copy for yourself.
                                   The easier and better your Pig Roast is, the greater the chance we will see you again!