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At Thomas, we can help you to prepare for anything from your own family's dinner to a special Graduation Party, a Company Picnic, an Anniversary Celebration, a Wedding Reception, or a whole "host" of other things.   This is a quickly growing part of what we do at Thoma's and we are excited to be of service just for you!  We can prepare entrees -- many of which are described below -- and have them ready for pick-up or delivery in foil chafer pans.  Just heat and eat!  Please call or stop by to find out about putting a package of ideas together for your special event.  The per-person cost is close to home made. The taste and service are out of this world!

Pulled PorkBarbequed Pulled Pork

We slow roast select cuts of pork.  We then pull and shred it and combine it with our old fashioned barbeque sauce. 
This melts in your mouth!
Enjoying a Picnic
People Getting Food
Top Round Sliced Beef Top Round

...slow roasted beef marinated in a special seasoning.  It is then sliced and layered in peppers, onions and mushrooms. 

...makes a great sandwich with a little horseradish!
Hot Sausage        Hot Sausage

How about some cooked hot sausage that has just the right amount of zip!  This comes with onions and green peppers, and it is all bathed in our own special tomato sauce.
Kielbassa and Kraut     Kielbasa & Kraut

This is our homemade, smoked and fully cooked kielbasa.  This is nestled into our own Saur Kraut that we make and age right here at the store!
Ham Loaf         Ham Loaf

...starts with our award winning Ham that we grind with fresh Pork  We mix this with graham crackers and bread crumbs, and we add a touch of pineapple.  Our Ham Loaves are fully cooked, then sealed and refrigerated, so you use them when you want to.
...slice and serve hot or cold for great sandwiches!
Pulled Pork         Meat Loaf

We start with our own internal beef and it is mixed with a special blend of spices and onion and green pepper.  Our Meat Loaves are fully cooked, then sealed and refrigerated, so you use them when you want to. 

...slice and serve hot or how about a great meat-loaf sandwich ?
Stuffed Cabbages     Stuffed Cabbages

...for one or for many:  This begins with our own internal beef and we add just the right amount of pork to keep it moist. We season the meat just like Grandma used to, and we then roll it into fresh, tender cabbage leaves.
Stuffed Peppers     Stuffed Peppers

We start with our own internal beef  and we add some rice.  We season this just right, and then we stuff half of a pepper. easy, and so good!
BBQ Brisket           Seasoned Brisket

This is so simple and so delicious that it belongs in prepared entrees! Our special blend of seasoning is drawn deeply into this cut.  These can be thrown on the grill or into a crock pot or into the oven with almost no preparation.  It tastes like someone spent the day getting it ready!