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Pork Loins and Chops
                 Pork Loins, Pork Chops and Country Ribs

Whole Pork Loins can be purchased and cut any way you like.  We can, for example, make a boneless Roast for you, or cut delicious Pork Chops just from the center.  Our Country Ribs are cut from the ends of the loins and they are great on the grill!  Not sure?  Stop by to see us!  We'll be glad to fill you in. 
Barbeque Ribs
Pork Roast
                                                ...the 'other' white meat...

..did you know that pork is the world's most widely eaten meat?  Small wonder, given what a delicious and healthy part of your diet pork can be.

And at Thoma's, you will get only the best that you can buy anywhere.  Why?  All hogs that we use are hand selected from local farmers and markets in the area who we have known and worked with through the years.  You can be assured that these animals are all grain fed and that there are no steroids introduced in any way.  Hogs are purchased and processed at least weekly, so whatever you buy is fresh as possible. 

Our standards for animal selection, cleanliness and professionalism in our operations are as high as you will find.  Everything that we do is under Federal Inspectors who staff with us every day.  Good thing that we average thirty five years' experience on our cutting floor, with not only seasoned but also highly skilled butchers working for you!  

It all comes to this:  You get the best tasting, healthiest, highest quality meats possible.  Come and see what we have waiting for you!

...and so much more....
                                  ...and so much more...

...that we could make a list that goes on and on and on....!  Things like different kinds of Bacons and Stuffing Chops and Cube Steaks and melt-in-your-mouth Country Ribs and other specialty products too many to mention.

Please stop by to see us.  We have lots of good folks who are happy to help!
Barbeque Ribs
                        Spare Ribs and Baby Back Ribs

These are absolute favorites in restaurants, and you can make them even better!  We prepare these for you with just the right amount of meat left on the bones.  We have these whole, or split for half-racks.  Pick some up along with our BBQ sauce today!

...great on the grill !

Pork Chops
                           Pork Chops and American Cuts

Try some choice, boneless Pork Chops.  We have them cut and ready to go, or already marinated in Black Nugget, Garlic & Herb and Sweet Bourbon marinates.  These are as easy to make as you'll find, and everyone will wonder where you learned your secrets!

...another "great on the grill" idea !
Fresh Hams
                                      Fresh Hams

Our award-winning Hams (see the Awards section) are skinless and shankless.  Buy them fresh and take them home to cure and cook them to your own taste.  Or buy them fully prepared here!  Just heat and eat.  These hams win awards every year, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

...try with our homemade Saurkraut !

Pork Butt
                             Pork Butts (Picnic Hams)

These are fresh cut and beautifully marbled, averaging eight to ten pounds apiece.  These work great for Cooked Pulled Pork.  You (or we) can also slice these into delicious steaks.  If you try this, it will become a regular part of your diet!