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We present a few pictures of Thoma's history from the very beginning in 1945 through today. 

We are proud of our heritage at Thoma's, and we are committed to continuing the tradition left to us, which is that our customers come first. We will value our employees, for without their experience and integrity, we can do little. We will continue the Thoma heritage entrusted to us by our family. 

Thank you for the chance to serve you!

Tim and Brian Thoma

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Thoma at the beginning
A picture from the article in local paper introducing the new Butcher in town:  Mr. Paul Thoma and his wife Dorothy.
At the "New Building" with our new truck
In front of the new delivery truck - at the new building.  The "New Building" in this picture, by the way, is still our Market today!  We have added on a bit, but it is still here in it's entirety.

"...if it ain't broke...".

The Kids:  Wayne and Junior
Meet Wayne and Junior:  Paul's sons.  They took over the business, ran it and continued to build it.  They have "retired", although you'll still see them on the cutting floor and making deliveries pretty regularly.
Tima and Brian many years ago
Tim and Brian on the hood of the Pontiac!  Junior isn't quite ready to let them drive.
Wayne and Junior passing the torch to Tim and Brian
Wayne and Junior are passing the torch to their sons, Tim and Brian.  Tim and Brian are cousins and the partners who are responsible for Thoma's Meat Market today.
Brian and Tim take over
Brian (on the left) and Tim have taken over.  This picture was taken in front of the same section of the market as the picture of Paul and Dorothy in front of their new delivery truck above.
...below is why Thoma's Meat Market continues to grow and thrive...

Here we are today.  Please stop by to see us and say hello!

The Future of Thoma's