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Regardless of what you do in this world, you can take healthy pride and satisfaction when you do your best.  This is what we
Cutting Floorbelieve at Thoma's.  It is an infectious spirit, and it doesn't allow much room for average results.  You will find experience, skill, team work, and even a sense of humor here at Thoma's.  Whether you are on the Kill Floor or the Cutting Floor, in our Sausage Kitchen or on the Retail side helping customers, you are part of a pretty important team in service to our customers.  Why are we all so nice?  Stop on by and be surrounded by folks with very big and very sharp knives.  You will be nice too!

More and more of what we do at Thoma's is for wholesale customers.  A couple of reasons why we might be your best choice:
Cutting FLoor
Everything that we do is under direct and constant Federal Inspection.  They staff with us every day.  One result is that what we process or prepare can be sold or re-sold anywhere in the United States.  There is no geographic restriction.  The standards that we live by are high enough for anyone.

We average thirty five years' experience on the cutting floor and twenty five years where we process and smoke meats.  We are equipped, we know what we are doing, and we do it well for you.

    - Send us your cuts and we can prepare them, smoke them, cook them and package them just for you!
    -  Send us your livestock and we can handle it from there!
    -  Let us know and we'll pick up your livestock for you.
    -  We can "Private Label" many cuts or kinds of processed meats for you.  We can many times custom label with your
  logo and branding as part of the packaging!

                                      Let's talk about what we can do for you!