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Burgers on the Grill
Beef on the Grill
                                          what's for dinner...

And at Thoma's, you will get only the best!  Cattle that we use are hand selected from local farmers who we have known through the years.   Farmers with whom we work have standards that we require on your behalf, and ours.  It starts with  breeding Grade Choice cattle.  Good grain chop is the diet and there are no steroids used in any way.  Herds are well managed.  Sanitation and their overall environment are important as well.  What difference do these things make for you?  Simply this:  You get the best tasting, healthiest, highest quality meats possible.  Come and see what we have waiting for you!

Beef on the Grill
                               New York Strip Steak

Marinated and boneless, these are choice steaks marinated in a vacuum tumbler which draws flavoring the whole say through.  We use Black Nugget or Sweet Bourbon Marinades.  Two sensational flavors with tenderness.

...You must try these!
.Filet Mignon on the Grill
                                  Filet Mignon

Also known as Beef Tenderloin, these can be roasted whole or cut into steaks.  However you would like it, just call or stop by and let us know.  You will be able to cut these with a fork.

...and they are great on the grill!
Prime Rib
                                     Prime Rib

Available in all sizes, and with or without bones.  However you want it.  We dry age these to perfection to help make that special event great!  Prime Rib is also a holiday favorite for entertaining on Christmas Eve.
         Porterhouse, T-Bones, Sirloins and Delmonico Steaks

These cuts are all day-aged.  They are specially trimmed by our experienced meat cutters (see About Us to meet them).  We will cut any of these steaks to the thickness that you desire.

...great for picnic fun on the week-ends!
and so much more
                                  ...and so much more...

...that we can't picture it all!  Things like baby-back ribs and short ribs and many kinds of roasts and briskets and shish-ka-bob cubes and other specialty products too many to mention.

Please stop by to see us.  We have lots of good folks who are happy to help!
Beef Map
                                  1/2 or 1/4 of Beef

Want to save some money and have all the choice of a restaurant in your home?   Consider buying in bulk.  This is the same hand selected, grain fed beef that we sell as individual cuts the market, except that you are buying more at one time.  Cuts are guaranteed to be tender and the ground beef is lean.  Packages are double- wrapped and properly labeled.  Ground beef is packaged into freezer safe poly bags designed to keep meat safe for long storage periods.  And:  You have a lot to say about how you want it.
...questions?  Simply click here or on the picture for all the information you will need!