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                                                                             ...and the winner is...

Actually there is more than one winner, although Thoma's was voted as Champion in four categories for 2007!  Champion of PAMP, that is.  PAMP stands for the Pennsylvania Association of Meat Processors, which is the largest meat and poultry trade organization in the Mid-Atlantic states.  It is made up of more than 125 Pennsylvania companies and meat operations, as well as others from New York, New Jersey, Maryland and several New England states.

According to PAMP, the competition "...seeks to find meat products which exhibit the highest quality, excellent craftsmanship, superior flavor, and eye appeal...".  Thoma's was Champion this year for Bacon, Sausage, Bologna and Roast Beef.  Going back three years, we have also been Champion of other things you can get here at Thoma's including our Boneless Hams, our Smoked Turkeys, Cured Beef, Semi-Boneless (Easy Carve) Hams and our Skinless Wieners, too.
Wall TrophiesWe put the plaques on thTrophies on the Walle walls, and here are a few.  The reasons:  We are proud of these accomplishments.  More importantly, it is a reminder to all of our employees of how important they are, and how much of a difference each and every one of them makes here at Thoma's.  Whether you are cutting or trimming or processing or serving our customers -- it matters.  We want to earn your business every time you stop!